Choosing the best recurve bow for hunting

For the modern hunters, guns have already replaced the traditional bow and arrow. But for those who love hunting as a sport, a recurve bow is still a good way to hunt. Some look at hunters using the traditional recurve bow and arrow as not serious hunters but this is not the case for the members of the Minnesota-based hunting club, Pope and Young Club.

Guns had long since replaced bows and arrows for hunting, but Pope and Young were intrigued by the challenge of using a bow and arrow to take down big game. Their hunting exploits — and a book Pope wrote in 1923 — rekindled interest in the old-style way of hunting.

But it took years for state wildlife managers to accept archery hunting and to create special hunting seasons for archers, something that is commonplace today.

As more and more hunters are going back to the old-style way of hunting with the use of a recurve bow, there is now a demand for it.

Old School Hunting

Why use a traditional recurve bow when there are more modern ones? Tyler Freel, a hunter, aptly puts it, “the recurve is even more deadly a weapon now than it was when it was first invented.” He said he also enjoys the nostalgia of using the classic style bow. Although it’s harder to shoot using it, the satisfaction you feel afterwards is worth it.

Are you also like Tyler? Do you like the feel of the classic bow in your hands? If you are just starting out and are not sure of what to look for in a recurve bow, read on some tips on how to go about it.

Choosing the Right Recurve Bow

1. Choose a bow that has a minimum draw weight of 40 lbs.

Bows like the Bear Grizzly and  Bear Archery Super Kodiak are both good choices for this. If you’re after a bow for target practice, you can opt for one with a draw weight of 15 lbs.

2. The bow should be quiet and reliable.

Since you will be shooting in close range, the noise should be minimal or nothing at all. The Bear Archery brands are reliable when it comes to this category as well as the Martin Hunter Recurve and the Martin Saber Recurve.

3. The length has to be at least 58 inches long.

4. It has to be easily transported. With this, a takedown bow is a good way to go. Try the Martin Saber Takedown Bow,  and Hoyt Gamemaster II.

Consider also how big your prey is or what kind of hunting are you looking into? Are you just aiming for the smaller game or you’re after the big ones? All these are important to look into when choosing the best recurve bow.

Here’s a cool video on using a recurve bow to hunt for a deer.

Now that you have some ideas on what to look for and which brands to check out, you can get ready for your first hunting trip. Best of luck!


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